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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 14, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 >>the celebration tonight in oakland after a group of homeless mothers and activists are back at the house they were evicted from early this morning, thanks for joining us. attorney and i'm ken way and i'm pam moore. the group now known as moms for housing is continuing his movement despite being evicted and even forced to live a second joins us live from outside the magnolia street home with the
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very latest hala. well you can see the home is now fenced in and boarded up, but the moms and their supporters came here earlier and they said that there. >>they're not going to let this stop them from spreading their message now they're inside that home for nearly 2 months, and they said that it was never about the house the point of this movement in the point of their fight was to make a statement about the housing and homeless situation in the bay area. that to be back. >>in because of all the support we were back quicker if it was his me by myself to lonnie king returned to what's been dubbed the mom's house in west oakland tuesday night that's after she and other homeless moms like miss t cross victim from the property on magnolia street and arrested earlier that day thank you for supporting this throughout this mold because again it was never about taking over the house the state minimal man was way bigger than that and that's the reason that we standing in front of mom's house today, the homeless moms and their
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supporters known as a group called moms for housing say they gathered outside the now fenced-in property to continue spreading their message that housing is a human right and they won't be silenced. we shall not be moved the more and that's how been from a which would properties owns the private property that said they get before a couple of the moms let themselves in sight, it's been nearly 2 months in the home before judge ordered them to leave within 5 days last friday at the alameda county sheriff's office executed that court ordered the diction tuesday morning. >>here you see deputies busting in the door and arresting some of the moms for housing members inside just put more flex fuel on the fire. that was it. >>it's a take us out with the excess of force they use with robots coming year. ar 15 out when there would have been women and children inside no threat to nothing. we did civil disobedience throughout the hall how many days we also
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58 days at this location will come on you don't know what's next for them personally is clear i don't know you don't even really know, i'm sleeping and tonight your family so you got to understand that as a group they say they'll continue pushing forward we are stronger as a force and we see that. >>from today from the wake of weak got. we see that. and those who does stand by as these representatives who we've been in office. >>i think that makes action will be there. >>the moms for housing say this is the only the beginning of their fight will continue to meet here in other places across the city to bring awareness to the housing and homeless issues here in the city for live in oakland taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news. thank you taylor. well continuing our coverage some people are outraged tonight over how those homeless mothers were forced out of
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that home this morning that's including oakland mayor libby shaft kron 4 grant lodes joins us in the studio with her reaction grants from the mayor says she's sympathetic ken and pam to these women after what they dealt with today, the mothers woke up this morning to find armed sheriff's deputies, you saw some of the video and. >>here they are later in the day they that battering ram did the deputies here it is this was live during our morning show today we showed you this play out as the women. or let out of the home this is just before 06:00am today deputies, bound the women's hands with plastic ties at least 2 of the mothers and to supporters were taken into custody. they've since all been really chef says she was appalled at the tactics used by the deputies in evicting the women. >>these are mothers, they're not criminals their mothers that have engaged in what i believe is a courageous act of civil disobedience to really highlight. our housing crisis. i was pretty shocked to see
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the tactics that were used to take them out of the home and the early don hours this morning. >>mayor chef also applauded the women for opening everyone's eyes to the housing crisis. even more there have been dozens of people demonstrating in oakland there since november when the women first moved in, but things really ramped up in recent days with supporters, rallying there for those homeless mothers ken pam back to you thank you grant sonoma county leaders are taking action to try to get homeless people off the streets today, the board of supervisors, a pro approved the purchase of 4 properties to turn them into shared housing for people who are homeless one of the properties is at 8, 6, 6, in all avenue in santa rosa, it is one block away from the police department and next door to a rehabilitation and mental health facility in church. >>the other approved properties are at 8190 8192
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8194 arthur street in kentucky. the proposal came as homeless encampments continue to grow along a popular bike trail in the county leading to major health problems, including a rat infestation meantime this property in san francisco could soon be transformed into affordable housing units for seniors. the city announced today it's in negotiations to buy the building on the edge of the castro district and turning into affordable housing for about a 100 seniors, many of them and 60% in fact will be lgbt to seniors. >>the building currently houses the sheet metal workers union once the city finalizes the purchase it will work on the design of the new building into construction. the entire process is expected to take at least 3 years and governor gavin, newsome continues to promote his plan to solve homelessness all across the state. >>the governor was in riverside today to meet with homeless people and organizations which help them. the governor wants million to find temporary housing for
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homeless people he also wants state lawmakers to put a constitutional amendment on the november ballot to end homelessness it would require local governments to find a solution to the problem in a year. kron 4 has a web page called community in crisis which sheds light on the issue of homelessness in the san francisco bay area. you can check out our stories all at kron 4 dot com 80 square miles of land is up for sale in livermore for the first time in 85 years and that land is larger than the entire city of san francisco and right now the state of california wants to buy it for michelle kingston explains why the m 3 ranch is about an hour outside san francisco when the state of california wants to buy the land to create one of the largest state parks in decades, this property up for sale is nearly 51,000 acres and it straddles 4 counties. >>it's on the market for the first time in 85 years this
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really is a once in a generation opportunity. >>this in 3 ranch. >>was first called the other in the 30's. it's their gun on the market and it's larger than san francisco. it's twice the size of the amount diablo park area. it's over 50,000 acres governor gavin newsome mentioned just days ago that he wants legislative leaders to dedicate $20 million from a one-time surplus to help purchase new public parkland. >>but he didn't say where the new park would be they area lawmakers had been urging newsome to acquire and preserve this land in livermore for several days now in the livermore mayor says he's all for the idea it's it's all part of the quality of life here in the term or and this one of these and i'm very excited about because as the mayor, i'm responsible for the quality of life here and to be able to have such a remarkable park. >>added to this is very excited that the livermore
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mayor says the idea this land becoming a state park is actually been talked about for months now, but whether it will actually happen or when it may happen. >>it's still anybody's guess in livermore michelle kingston kron 4 news. let's take a live look outside tonight and see how things are shaping up this is looking out over san francisco's embarcadero seen the bay bridge in the background there pretty dry out there right now right now dave yeah. >>in clare too. >>tomorrow morning a little patchy fog you know and frost to potentially because a look at these numbers were expected to what forecast lows 33. santa rosa 34 going on for napa 35 for san jose we have clear skies for now although we're expecting some clouds kind of build little bit increasing overnight still will see temperatures do and little fall number on us live shot for san francisco, pretty clear shot as well as we can see no fog issues going on either. so tomorrow morning, waking up to scattered frost fog and clouds building temps from 36 or so inland, 41 of
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the bay 44 at the coast by noon the sun poking a little bit temperatures 50 ish about 3 o'clock we're talking cloudy and mild with temperatures in the lower to middle 50's still waiting for the rain to develop some scattered sprinkles in the north a possibility with that let's get to the winds first because there's of thing is people going to probably notice hearing about overnight wednesday night 9 o'clock the see the winds noticed are all coming in from the south so should be fairly mild. and it comes in the line is far from the north by 3.45. but a good strong southerly wind you can fill across the bay, what here overnight. tomorrow night to thursday morning front passes over with left with breezy conditions on balance for your thursday and into thursday night but the precipitation part of the forecast first of all get the clouds in here they will do so by tomorrow afternoon they're the sprinkles in the north bay 5.15 is where the line is midday about that 0.5 15 say around 6 or so this is really going make it for a thursday morning sloppy commute behind it patches of some moderate
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rain showers and then scattered about when we get into latter portion of thursday and early friday, how much are we going to get these are estimations and they do change of thursday morning about 05:00am this is just starting. you can see very light rain showers to the south and the north bay or picking up more than a quarter of an inch of rain. but when it's all said and done summers may pick up as much as an inch of rain like san francisco. even a san jose whether in a rain shadow, they still may pick up to about an inch of rain out of this to up in the north bay most readings over 3 quarters of an inch of rain that means mountain snows. the red now means it's a winter storm warning going on the sierra. this is we've got going on as we watch it roll on in as well got to get the clouds and first it will be slightly later than the north bay or than the base storm 6.30 or so and then throughout the early morning. later morning early afternoon. it will remain as snow showers collecting all of this could be as much as a foot or 2 of snow. some localized areas maybe near 3 feet of snow as
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well snow levels may rise up to 3 and a half up about 3 and a half a 1000 feet, there's a look at what the forecast highs for tomorrow in the 50's and in your seven-day forecast 7 day for right now we have temperatures in the 50's lower 60's into early next week and will get later into next week with the 10 day forecast a 10 to 10 tended to have right thing today. we'll take a look at this a highway patrol plane helped police find a car thief in vacaville today. >>you see them and they're hopping fences running through people's yards trying to get away but the plane was overhead, it's called air 31 and it directed officers to the suspect's location. police officers were able to arrest that man. a short time later. >>national news now we are less than 3 weeks away from the first challenge for the democratic presidential candidates. the iowa caucuses, 6 of the democratic candidates battle it out on a debate stage tonight reporter steve nana's has some of the highlights. and what's ahead in this race.
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>>as the democratic candidates took the stage at tuesday night's debate in des moines. it was clear what's at stake. the final chance for these white house hopefuls to go head to head before the iowa caucuses. >>this new trade deal is a modest improvement senator sanders himself has said so progressive favorites, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren addressing the heated rhetoric between the 2 campaigns, this week anybody, how could anybody in a million years, not believe that a woman could become president of the united states. what did you think when senator sanders sanders told you a woman could not win the election. i disagreed meanwhile for joe biden another opportunity to focus on who he hopes will be his opponent in november, president donald trump is predictable from the day he was pulled out of the agreement trump. >>what exactly what happened where now isolated people to judge an amy klobuchar courting moderates seeing a path to the nomination by focusing a centrist voters is going to take a view to the future as well as the
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readiness to learn from the lessons of the past when it comes to iraq right now i would leave our troops there and the 6 candidates businessman tom stier ice is issuing himself as the outsider and it's time from someone from the outside of a strategic view about what we're trying to do and how to do it percent candidates, speaking out on key issues on health care every other major country on earth is guaranteeing health care for all the time is long overdue on foreign policy what you want in a president is someone who has dealt with these life and death issues and who has made decisions and taking on donald trump i am the one who has to brought his coalition of anyone running up here. this race, i'm steve nannes reporting. inside the area politics host catherine heenan sat down with political analyst michael yockey and tom double to talk about that debate and he talked about the impending impeachment trial in the senate which could affect the presidential candidates who are sitting senators. >>it i want to dispel with
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this notion that this is all done to help joe biden the patient was going to happen at all it was always going to hurt the senators so i don't think it was driven by a desire to help joe biden if they're taken off the trail it in and in fact will hurt them, but honestly i think mitch mcconnell's going accommodate them not because he wants to but because he doesn't want 4 or 5 weeks of impeachment being the news. so i think this is going to be far more compact and then these dire cases that they're presenting i think because for the for the electorate. there's so much panama for the democratic electorate, the sort of the masai towards from if things start to spiral a little bit i think out of the presence control in terms of the senate and if sanders and congress are and warren are identified and they're on the move may help them a little bit. >>just in terms again. the like and the viability part of the iowa caucuses who is the second choice who we who would
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you rather see up there and maybe it pushes them over but a judge, you know over someone like that in terms of who can turn the second and 3rd place finishes but it is going to be tough because this is a re this is retail politics and not having your standard bearer out there green people by name you're talking to them shaking their hands is a disadvantage. >>you can watch more. catherine's interview is kron four's political analyst michael ii aka tom double car on inside bay area politics, iran saturday and sunday mornings at 11 oh 5 on kron on and this week will also air inside the area politics right here on kron 4 and that's at 8.30 on sunday night. >>state lawmakers say they are one step closer to closing a loophole in the law so that the law will help crash victims like this man this man is named gavin glassing he's from the central valley and he was killed and 2018 after getting hit by a suspected drunk unlicensed driver that driver only spent about a year
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in jail because of a loophole in the law capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>how a measure named after cladding aims to try to bring justice to hit and run victims. >>supporters of this bill had to wait almost a year to see it pass out of this committee, but they say tuesday's vote was worth the wait park, i work i susan cladding tried to keep her composure as the assembly public safety committee unanimously passed a bill written in honor of her late husband, gavin it's just it's frankly pretty overwhelming and as i was hearing the boat. i just you a very just something called central valley man gavin go adding was out jogging in 2018 when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk unlicensed driver row alvarez alvarez spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 3 he was a bullet. >>and he was a prince of a husband father leader in our community. and he was and over
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left on the side of the road by the person. it killed him and instead of. calling 911 being a human being trying to help this person survived taking the consequences like a decent human being. this individual fled it stayed on the run for it score days. and as a result sobered up dui drivers who get caught in a fatal crash can face many more years in prison than those who leave the scene and sober up gavin's law aims to close the gap boosting the maximum prison sentence for deadly hit and run drivers from 4 years to 6 assemblyman jim patterson credits oozing weddings, tearful testimony last session for swain lawmakers to move forward the finish line. >>it is in sight, the bills next hurdle will be in the appropriations committee before it can land on the assembly floor. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news state lawmakers are looking to improve the state's recycling program tomorrow, a senate committee is expected to
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consider requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers. >>the proposal is part of a plan that would also add wine and liquor bottles to the recycling program. california consumers pay a 5 or $0.10 deposit on bottles and cans that they can read e when they turn in those containers but but half of the state's recycling centers closed in recent years, leaving consumers more likely to toss those containers in the garbage, the city of oakland is fighting illegal dumping with a new program city leaders launched a program called oakland proud today, the premise is built on 3 80's education eradication and enforcement on illegal dumping mayor libby shaft says everybody who lives in the city of oakland must actually do proud by doing their part. >>to keep the city clean. >>government cannot do it alone we do not have enough resources to be everywhere on every block keeping everything at the level of beauty and cleanliness that every oakland
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or deserves. >>student ambassadors from oakland high school and skyline high school are currently participating in that program. >>san francisco district attorney's office is now offering an option to keep parents serving time by saying united with their children. dha somebody announced today his office will provide the primary caregiver diversion program to eligible individuals program is offered under a new state law. it allows eligible defendants to earn a dismissal to take care of their children or teens says the goal is to help break a generational cycle of incarceration. >>this man tried to sexually assault a 13 year-old girl, but a quick thinking security guards stopped him just in time here from the security guard about what caught his attention plus we continue our countdown to the nfc championship game between the niners in the green bay packers special special recognition, some 49 ers are celebrating tonight ahead of
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their first practice of the week to mars. and last week we introduce you to this superfan for the 49 ers he has a 49 a prosthetic eye will tonight we need a man with a 14 hour bus and a leg. but that's not where his dedication to the team steyer: no child should hae to worry about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit.
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that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs?
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or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. >>for when the green bay packers defeat nancy pelosi's.
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>>afc championship game. >>it is everything is political even the vice president weighing in on the upcoming match between the 49 er, the green bay packers, he predicted a win for the packers tonight at a campaign rally in milwaukee, wisconsin green bay's just right up the road that's cheesehead country. so of course you have to say that are yet run out of time and in the meantime one players being recognized for a phenomenal first season in the league mark carpenter joins us now with the details i'm guessing nick bosa oh all the 49 ers hit a home run in this past year's draft and he has been incredible. >>really a championship player plays like a veteran all year long the strength of the 49 ers has been its pass rush and there's one player in particular has been causing fits for opposing offense is nick bosa has been selected as the pro football writers of america, the rookie of the year, not only defensive rookie. but best overall first year player since the 9 ers
10:25 pm
drafted him as the number 2 pick he has been a force hasn't missed a game all year 9 sacks 25 quarterback hits to lead the league 16 tackles for loss 2 fumble recoveries a forced fumble and interception also want to mention 2 sacks in his playoff debut. >>the first year linebacker tre greenlaw also landed on the all look the team the 49 ers are back at practice tomorrow to get you ready for championship sunday kron 4 got you covered on air online and through kron on. >>saturday night kate rooney breaking down the game and looking ahead to the red and gold zone playoff edition starting at 9 and then we'll have a full recap highlights reaction live report from levi's sunday night at night sunday's kickoff is set for 3.40 and winner faces the titans were chiefs at super bowl 54 in miami a lot of football on sunday can impair all right looking forward to it thank you mark mark mark later that's right the niners are taking some time off the field to inspire some young students today, the players read to a class of 30
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kindergartners at san antonio elementary school in the san jose. >>they also took part in individual tutoring sessions was second through 4th graders. the scene was literacy and equality ahead of martin luther king junior day. the same in general of the 4 years a little big so hopefully when we say you know readings important nor the education is important that it's even home a little more because they know >>the point is a winning zone to be like that. >>niners teamed up with a nonprofit called reading partners to make this visit happened. >>while story out of southern california today you see this delta plane right here, it's dumping fuel right on to an elementary school campus will hear from students coming up who are doused with gasoline indeed paramedics to help them. plus a store in the north bay outlet gets hit by thieves twice and police say both crimes have a lot in common. >>guild showing going on tonight. we've got 30's in the inland valleys, even some scattered frost unsettled will
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trump: those pre-existing
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conditions are protected. vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen."
10:29 pm
vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>i quit because i don't know if he had any weapons in the car or you know she was in danger at that point i had no idea. >>well police say that quicko thinking security guard saved a 13 year-old girl from an alleged assault in san jose he is being called a hero tonight but the guard tells kron four's rob fladeboe he was just doing his job and. >>as a father he says he
10:30 pm
sensed something was not right. >>i knew something was wrong. i definitely something was wrong. >>valiant security guard, christopher gomez was the only behind a strip mall here on east capitol expressway and tours road monday afternoon when he spotted the car parked in a remote spot and decided to investigate i noticed him in the back. >>with a minor i noticed age difference right away. and obviously there's something wrong. >>gomez said the young girl appeared to be in some distress he then tried to question the elderly man whom he described as uncooperative and then decided to take action at home in areas hit by the vehicle. they refuse. >>that's what i do my weapon and i had us about the vehicle and you keep him out we came out i handcuffed him properly and. called san jose pd and they came >>they did their job san jose police arrived and arrested this man identified as 17 year-old who won been new n police said no one had been hired by the victims family to
10:31 pm
drive her and some other kids home from school after dropping off the others and when deviated from the road and parked behind them all, but i did see things i should have. >>i'm a father, i'm a 6 year-old daughter and. that's what i saw was not ok. >>police said gomez arrived as the teenager was fighting off the attack merchants ear express shock. >>will he be in praise on gomez as a year old. he says he was just doing what he was hired to do, but i don't i don't feel like i am i just i was just doing my job, you know. >>that's all i really can say i was just don't have to do and i just checked on him. i just in my proper precautions when i was at work out so i really do some things are just not meant to happen, you thank god that you know for that. >>well i kid that that security guard was here. >>cuomo says this can be a rough neighborhood at times which is why security guards here are armed. he says though that this is the first time he's ever had to pull his gun on someone. but he said he had no choice in san jose rob
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fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a convicted offender in fairfield is back in jail tonight after police responded to a report of a prowler fairfield police say a homeowner on sycamore drive reported last wednesday that this man was on her yard and starting to take off his pants and then looked like he was going to into the house through a pet door. officers arrested and nfi him as 48 year-old leroy vance he lives in the area they say vance was on parole for drug sales offense and was required to register as a assault offender fans had cut off his required ankle monitor he was booked into the solano county jail for parole violation possession of methamphetamine criminal trespass and resisting arrest. >>69 year-old san francisco woman is fighting for her life tonight after getting into an accident with her each scooter. it happened yesterday afternoon a bay street and the embarcadero the woman was on and the scooter when she rode through the intersection in hit a cement mixer she was taken to the hospital with
10:33 pm
life threatening injuries. in the north bay thieves hit a petaluma shopping center swiping thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. police say the theft happened in 2 separate incidents at the american eagle store that's in petaluma at the allen room, a premium outlets as kron four's well bellow explains police are calling this a growing trend. >>it definitely is a growing trend we're starting to see groups of people just running into stores grabbing as much merchandise as they can. >>and then running out to a getaway car. it's exactly what happened at the american eagle here in petaluma not once but twice this is an uneasy feeling that that could happen at any time. >>shoppers of the petaluma premium outlets were shot tuesday to learn of the major steps that have taken place at the american eagle store in the last 10 days on the 4th we several $1000 worth of sheens taken and then on sunday, the
10:34 pm
12th we had group of individuals that came in and also did a large retail set theft of several $13,000 to be exact lieutenant tim lyons with petaluma police says both groups had a getaway car waiting in the parking lot, thanks to security video and witnesses investigators have been able to track both vehicles back to oakland that's a common theme we see that they're coming out of the east been fortunate, we have large retail places and we know that's going to we wish we could just have a little better chance of catching us maybe just the resell value, especially around the holidays and look at really desperate to try to you know. >>it acquired money in whatever way they can wife. >>i feel very unsure for the place and i worried for a young kids. if you worry about the patrons clinton at lions potential crimes. >>and if you see something suspicious call police
10:35 pm
immediately for all want to get when they came in a large garbage bags. that's not typical or they came in and immediately 5 people gradually large shopping bags. >>i would think that might indicate that you're about to have a large retail theft petaluma police did have extra patrols out at the shopping center over the holidays. >>it was a soon as they pulled those extra patrols a way that these 2 thefts happened. they're hoping the outlet shops will start adding more security cameras to the entire area in petaluma know well bellow kron 4 news. >>time now to check in with our meteorologist as far as we look ahead to some unsettled weather heading our way. yeah looks like we're really getting hit by thursday morning us for the in a focus on here for tonight assault on the chilly, the cold side as we watch temperatures quickly slip. >>down into the we must have some scattered frost going on in fog potentially going on even though some clouds start to build a little bit late tonight here the lows projected 33 up to santa rosa. the non app at 3435 san jose and 35 conquered 34 for
10:36 pm
livermore one of the things with the storm system will be those winds. they'll start well overnight saving around the witching hour good strong southerly wind the chill here howling around and then as the front passes over by thursday say 05:36am will continue with breezy conditions but some of these wind gusts getting up there in the 20's in the 30's easily. it's so short they haven't issued actually a wind advisory with all of that leftover with breezy like conditions. how about the precipitation part the rain we expect scattered showers. wednesday evening. but that is thursday morning right on the commute we get hit the heaviest rain and bedded moderate showers behind it scattered showers will then fill in after that house that tendra 10 day forecast shape up again unsettled to finish off this week getting into the weekend will shake off some of the rain temporarily and actually see some temperatures venture into the lower 60's next week back to you.
10:37 pm
>>scary moments for dozens of families in southern california today as a passenger jet dumps jet fuel from the sky hitting people at 5 elementary schools and one high school firefighters say some 60 people were treated for skin irritation about half of those patients are students and staff at one elementary school in particular kron 4 grant lodes joins us live in the studio with more on this really unusual and bizarre incident camp lot of kids were saying you know in addition to the skin irritation, their eyes didn't feel right some of their throats. >>didn't feel right and you can understand why when you see all this fuel being just spewed into the sky happened just after noontime today. this is a delta flight that was headed from shanghai. >>headed to shanghai from los angeles but right after it took off from la exit double back and started turning around because there is an engine problem. delta says this fuel here was released to reduce the plane's landing
10:38 pm
weight and to lessen the chances of a big fire potentially once the planes on the ground should something go wrong. upon landing much of that fuel fell on to park avenue elementary school here that is east of l a x and this is where 17 kids and 9 adults complained of skin irritation this school. >>took the worst of it. the district says students and staff members were on the school's playground at the time and they have been sprayed by fuel or inhaled fumes. >>they was coming home and he was throwing gasoline and he spent all my friends in on me and then is got in my eye and i am and varied out saying helus >>and then those sunday was coming out, i it was small for some time well anti wind down i felt it in the spotlight. >>i was out to my friend tell me user action. and i some outs that. and i guess i don't
10:39 pm
know what it was so. said to my friend area. >>this is is she. >>the lee county public health department did release a statement that reads in part are exposed to been sent home with instructions on how both early clean themselves says well as their clothing. now the school district says they immediately called paramedics to treat everyone affected no one needed to go to the hospital treated on scene. the f a a issued a statement saying it is aware of the incident and looking into what happened scan and penny think immediately or i did at least of you're out covering fires as reporters sometimes the fire retardant drops will i get reporters and grand houses and you know it's like there's nothing you can do to get run from it but but can our resident pilot here. >>you're talking about just how rare it is to to be instructed we think by the
10:40 pm
tower to make that dumped at such a low altitude route that's the big question if that's what happened so we'll have to wait see how that turned out that's a 14 hour flight from la to shanghai. that thing was loaded with fuel and passengers and baggage, so it did have to lighten its load to land again. >>at l a x but typically in this happens here. sfo there they do that at sea were right on the coast and now he's got the same thing so the question is why didn't they done up over the ocean and apparently the plane was only around 2300 feet that doesn't give the time for the fuel to dissipate and evaporate before hits the ground it just came down as a missed on to the ground who is at higher, it would have been evacuated before it hit the kremlin might pose same would have somebody just happen to be smoking a cigarette on all of that was coming down that feels coming down, i mean this now like polar floor director who. >>has lots of comments about lots of stories and fortunately no one really got her yes can see it coming into
10:41 pm
our borders and that investigation will be something i think a lot of people are interested in here is what the heck happened here that there was that there's more to work right thank you thanks international news tonight, president trump's power to declare war may soon be restricted lawmakers are expected to vote on limiting the president's war power this as a battle over whether iran's top military commander soleimani was actually planning imminent attacks on americans as president trump has claimed. >>andy rose reports. >>i do believe that this concept of imminence is something of a red herring was iran's top military commander qassim soleimani planning imminent attacks against americans lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are still debating the trump administration's motive for taking so long he out president trump is lashing back tweeting in part it doesn't really matter because of his horrible past soleimani was not some government official he was a terrorist
10:42 pm
and president trump was right to take him. >>both their tourney general and the president suggested an eminence isn't required. >>i urge both of them agree the united states constitution because the way it works is only congress has the power to declare war now congress is looking to limit president trump's power to declare war without congressional approval. a resolution that already passed in the house will now be taken up in the senate the senate will soon. >>consider senator kaine's war power resolution. which would prevent further escalation of hostilities with iran. >>senator tim kaine says he has the 51 votes needed for the resolution to pass we now have a majority of colleagues democratic and republican will stand strong for the principle that we should be a war without a vote of congress and it's a very positive thank andy rose kron 4 news. >>a faithful 49 a fan of the east bay, pretty confident that he has everything and
10:43 pm
anything 49 ers after the break we'll take you inside what he calls the 49 ers shrine in sports. the warriors take on the player who may be the front ru i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>where is 5 days away from the 49 ers showdown at levi's and the niners faithful are gearing up for a fact a die hard in the east bay has a niners prosthetic leg on top of that he lives in a four-bedroom house, just so he could dedicate one of those
10:46 pm
room so his niners a shrine count for j r stone takes us inside. >>this may look like an ordinary hallway, but this room is far from ordinary what some might call a 49 ers man cave. >>it's more like a shrine. then a man cave, but you can call it what you like i call it a shrine. >>ok 49 er shrine put together by read out to me full of just about anything you can think of and including a couple essential items those being out of these 40 niners prosthetic legs, one that he is wearing and one that he has on display. so this is one of the 2.49 a like that you currently have yes and where adam he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2010. and has had the prosthetic 9 or one sense when it comes to the non essential items here are some of his favorites. e>my box of wheaties autographed with this aerial still in it from 95, this is a
10:47 pm
very holster that i got in kabul because we're on vacation and i saw it and i had to have it used to be a truck driver and i have lots of semis at aami keeps all of these items inside this room per his wife and her house rules. >>has to stay in here and she let me put it on the outside of the door and above the door but it can't go any further than this road. some of the items here are edible or edible years ago when they were sold i see these chips appear they look fairly recent gather about 10 years old, but i wouldn't want to try to eat one of these are officially licensed. >>49 or sauces as a taste i have no idea never opened got the $20 price tag >>they've got to be at least 15 years old some a bit unusual. >>49 and rayyan that my a former adam he says his wife is ok with all of his gear. >>but did put down her foot when it comes to going to this
10:48 pm
weekend's game. >>and a very hefty price tag that would have come with it. >>she said no that's to extend their not gone she drew the line that yeah she has a life. >>j r stone kron 4 news. >>time now brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>it's super super super fan. we know who the quarterback in that house huge hit in the room and yeah we'll get to the niners in a second the mark let's talk warrior what you move will get a warrant, but i was about to say we could have done an entire story just on the food already trying getting to today and we saw 2 of the team's all-stars before the game. klay thompson met with reporters to provide a status update on his acl recovery. long story short the rehab is going well but still no timetable on his return now
10:49 pm
to the highlight steph curry look at the entrance to the time to make shoes get some shots were going to play his surgically repaired left handling it doesn't look to be first-half care of we call him big time throwdown. still down luka doncic's not his best game tonight. shocking of 19 from the field 20 points but. >>so smooth that the euro step right there golden state down 18 at the break after halftime white house, the former stanford star night at 9.21 points man's up 28 and finally stepped rather set off the screen to show for all that 9 off the bench for him and roll one 2497. the warriors have lost 9 straight they host the denver nuggets thursday. >>back to the 40 niners know practice for the team today, but you can be sure one player that will be huge in their nfc championship game plan is the one just named rookie of the year nick bosa honored today by the pro football writers of america, not only defensive
10:50 pm
rookie best overall first year player since the 9 ers drafted him as the number 2 pick unstoppable hasn't missed a game 9 sacks 25 quarterback hits to lead the league, 16 tackles for loss 2 fumble recoveries a forced fumble and interception he's very good at tackling aaron rodgers going to be big this sunday 2 sacks in his playoff debut that first year linebacker drake greenlaw also landed on the all rookie team the last season of the oakland raiders the silver and black and their own sensational first year star running back josh jacobs offensive rookie of the year. and what a season for the first round out of alabama more than 1100 rushing yards 7 touchdowns to lead all rookies the first raiders rookie of the year since marcus allen to sell swear in the lead tonight, shocking news out of carolina panthers linebacker luke keithley along the league's elite players is retiring after 8 seasons in an emotional message posted on the team's website, the 28 year-old said he is walking away from the game because he
10:51 pm
cannot play fast play physical or play strong anymore. well, he did not cite any specific injuries, he has a documented history of concussions that's forced him to miss time over the years he's been one of the nfl's most reliable players leading the league in tackles and linebacker interceptions since 2012. time for some hockey sharks on the road in arizona, the start of the 3 game road trip. second period 2 one desert talks timo meier the pass from patrick marleau the red light is on sharks tied at 2. later in the second still tied. taylor hall tips in jordan post early shot back up how does take a 3, 2, lead in the 3rd period lawson crouse. >>right place right time it's aaron dell point blank for 2 arizona charged with get within a goal, but the county's added 2 more via the empty net 63 your final the sharks because of the avalanche thursday. >>and finally more fallout from major league baseball's sign stealing investigation.
10:52 pm
alex cora has been fired as the manager of the boston red sox this comes just a day after he was named the league's report about the houston astros cheating scandal during the 2017 world series season. carol was the astros bench coach at the time and he's implicated as the one who quote originated and executed the entire scheme where the opposing steam signals were caught on camera the 2018 championship red sox are also being investigated for cheating and cora is expected to it's time for the january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>>next a news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on it is commercial free catherine heenan standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on catherine. >>thank you ken and pam moore coming up at 11 o'clock we're going to have more on that group of homeless women and other activists to have returned to the oakland house they were evicted from early this morning. they do not own that house that from squatting there too. the man housing for homeless mothers and again they are back despite the vic shun and arrests will have the latest back to you thank you catherine download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage check this out this is something state biologists in california say they've never seen before 5 mountain lions altogether. >>at the same time. they were captured by home surveillance video and pioneer which is about an hour east of sacramento say experts say the
10:56 pm
only time you see more than one mountain line is either during mating season or when a mother is raising her cubs so 5 cats in the same place is obviously something that can happen, but this might be the first time there is video to prove it. >>it could have been just a convention may be looking around going see the people round nothing good. this on our weather situation is like we've got some scattered frost going on tomorrow morning temperatures in the 30's in those inland valleys will reach about 50 or so by high noon and by 3 o'clock you can see temperatures in the lower to middle 50's us run to the storm yet again clouds building tonight tomorrow scattered showers the heavy load expected about 06:00am is timed perfectly for the morning commute for you and thursday morning watch out we'll have some winds along with that as well there's your 10 day forecast check it out we're getting a little warmer actually early into next week, but they're still possibility we'll have some showers before we shake everything off on saturday, it looks like as well that looks good for the niners game on sunday at least
10:57 pm
that's good though one of the big things is the when the japanese warning that there could be power outages that's a big issue going on for late tomorrow night through thursday, the good news is we don't have any wind advisory which tells us that it's not long enough to merit at least at this point so that's good news, there's got to be quick. fast, but heavy when it does come through all right all right, thanks dave hennen, thank you for being with us tonight have a great evening, everybody and. >>the point to talk you tomorrow and my clothes saying good by the way says goodbye go a friend. m steyer: no child should have to worry
10:58 pm
about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now.
10:59 pm
i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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